Short review: MiniSo portable screen cleaning kit

First off, this is not a paid review. I just wanted to share this happy discovery because I am so obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my gadgets’ screens.

I was just supposed to check out the wireless mini keyboard and mouse combo at MiniSo but this thing called out to me. I just had to. Because I am very unhappy with CRKing’s LCD screen cleaner.


I tell you, for PHP 99 you can have your sanity back getting back my sanity may not be so expensive.

After almost cutting my finger with MiniSo’s freaking-hard-to-open packaging, I took out the grey  microfiber towelette found inside the cleaning solution’s lid.


Then followed the directions written on the back of the bottle. Wiped my smartphone’s screen with the DRY microfiber…


..spritzed the microfiber with the cleaning solution…


…wiped the screen with the wet side of the towelette. Then wiped the screen using the dry side of the fabric…

Voila! My screen is no longer the object of my OC-ness. I slid my finger across my phone’s screen and it didn’t leave a mark!



Fingerprints and oily screens drive me nuts. I must be rubbing my phone’s screen against any kind of cloth I can get my hands on 100x a day just to get rid of fingerprints.

I should have bought five of these.